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Penn State University now has portable charging service on Campus. FuelRod

Portable Charging for Mobile Devices comes to University Park (Penn State University)

Beginning this fall, Penn Staters’ mobile devices won’t be in danger of running out of battery power while they are on campus. Thanks to FuelRod portable charging system kiosks placed strategically at University Park, students, faculty and staff can power up wherever they are.

"Our faculty continue to innovate in the classroom with mobile device technology. So, we must support that teaching and learning initiative by providing a resource that ensures phones and tablets are ready to use,” said Jennifer Sparrow, deputy chief information officer for Penn State IT and associate vice president for Teaching and Learning with Technology.

“For example, Top Hat is the cloud-based teaching tool Penn State provides to help increase students’ engagement with course materials,” Sparrow added. “A portable mobile device charging solution helps ensure every student at University Park is prepared to use Top Hat during class.”

FuelRod kiosk locations across University Park will provide students with convenient access during the school day. Look for them at the HUB-Robeson Center; commons areas in the East, South, North and Pollock residence areas; and the Business Building. Additionally, Penn Staters can access a map of University Park kiosk locations by clicking “Locations” on the FuelRod website.

The kiosks are scheduled to come online for purchases the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 10.

Also, on Penn State football game days, fans can take advantage of three FuelRod stations located in and around Beaver Stadium.

A FuelRod purchase at any kiosk includes the portable charging unit and adapters for iOS and Android devices. The portable units, when out of power, can then be recharged at a wall outlet using a USB cable or swapped out for a new one at a campus kiosk.

There are two FuelRod subscription options available to Penn Staters. A $20 subscription comes with a FuelRod kit and credit for 12 free kit swaps at any Penn State-located kiosk. The $25 subscription covers six months and features unlimited kit swaps at any FuelRod location nationwide. The six-month subscription also can be renewed for $10 upon its expiration.

Answers to commonly asked questions  can be found by clicking the “FAQ” link on FuelRod’s site or specific question for the FuelRod Program at Penn State landing page.

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2022 Custom Plan Details on Campus:

Special $1 Offer - see details in link: https://www.fuel-rod.com/pages/school/penn-state

Download the FuelRod™ App. Earn $5 credit when you create your account.

Get instant credits redeemable at any of our touch-free kiosks nationwide. Use your credits towards the purchase of a new kit, or towards a SWAP to get a fully charged Rod unit if yours is depleted, or even damaged! The FuelRod™ App can also find the nearest FuelRod kiosk. #FuelRod