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Why FuelRod Kiosks


Plug in Ready

Our kiosks are self-sustaining and come ready to go. Simply place our kiosk in a high-traffic area, and we'll take care of the rest.


Low Cost

Affordable solution for venues to keep customers charged with the opportunity to generate additional revenue.


Maintenance on US

FuelRod provides an on-site service team to restock inventory and provide maintenance on the kiosks.


Custom Branding

FuelRod has opportunities for branding and messaging of kiosks and purchasing screen.


Remote Management

Real-time monitoring of our network with "FuelRod Dashboard" ensures your customers are never without the ability to charge on-the-go.

Small Footprint

Our free-standing kiosks does not require mounting and take up less than 4 square feet of space.


No Wireless Connection Needed

All that is required for our kiosks is a standard 110 volt outlet.


Secure Transactions

All financial data remains secure and encrypted. FuelRod Kiosks are PCI Compliant.

Contact Info

Phone: 1-844-FuelRod (844-383-5763) | 
FuelRod Corporation |   
11880 Community Road, Suite 300 
Poway, CA 92064

Interested in a FuelRod Kiosk

Interested in partnering with us? Fill out the form below and we’ll send you information on how we can help get a FuelRod Kiosk at your location.


Download the FuelRod™ App. Earn $5 credit when you create your account.

Get instant credits redeemable at any of our touch-free kiosks nationwide. Use your credits towards the purchase of a new kit, or towards a SWAP to get a fully charged Rod unit if yours is depleted, or even damaged! The FuelRod™ App can also find the nearest FuelRod kiosk. #FuelRod