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What is included with the purchase of a FuelRod Kit?

Each FuelRod kit is packaged with a fully charged FuelRod, cables and connectors for USB Type-A to Micro-USB (older Android™ devices), USB-C (newer Android™ phones and tablets) and Apple iPhones® (Gen5+). If your kit is missing a connector, please contact Customer Service.

What does it mean to “Swap” a FuelRod?

Where can I swap a FuelRod?

How much does it cost to swap a FuelRod?

Can I recharge the FuelRod without swapping it?

How long does it take to recharge the FuelRod?

What is the capacity of a FuelRod?

Can I bring it on an airplane?

Why Download the FuelRod® App?

Download the FuelRod™ App. Earn $5 credit when you create your account.

Get instant credits redeemable at any of our touch-free kiosks nationwide. Use your credits towards the purchase of a new kit, or towards a SWAP to get a fully charged Rod unit if yours is depleted, or even damaged! The FuelRod™ App can also find the nearest FuelRod kiosk. #FuelRod