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FuelRod FAQ: Find quick answers to your questions about FuelRod. Learn how to charge your devices on the go and discover the benefits of our swappable portable power solution for your travel and everyday needs.

What is included with the purchase of a FuelRod Kit?

Each FuelRod kit is packaged with a fully charged FuelRod, cables and connectors for USB Type-A to Micro-USB (older Android™ devices), USB-C (newer Android™ phones and tablets) and Apple iPhones® (Gen5+). If your kit is missing a connector, please contact Customer Service.

What does it mean to “Swap” a FuelRod?

Where can I swap a FuelRod?

How much does it cost to swap a FuelRod?

Can I recharge the FuelRod without swapping it?

How long does it take to recharge the FuelRod?

What is the capacity of a FuelRod?

Can I bring it on an airplane?

Why Download the FuelRod® App?

Download the FuelRod™ App. Earn $5 credit when you create your account.

Get instant credits redeemable at any of our touch-free kiosks nationwide. Use your credits towards the purchase of a new kit, or towards a SWAP to get a fully charged Rod unit if yours is depleted, or even damaged! The FuelRod™ App can also find the nearest FuelRod kiosk. #FuelRod